Short Talks

As we travel throughout life and lodges we are asked questions or wish to speak with a Brother or Companion about the York Rite. Below you will find some helpful short talks about aspects of the order.

If you want to write one, please do and send it to us. A correction or comment for new talks we would appreciate your feedback.

Short Talk # 1 - Holiness

What thoughts or feelings were invoked when you as a candidate heard or saw the phrase "Holiness To The Lord"?

Short Talk # 2 - Keystone

What is a Keystone? Why is it different, special, or set apart?

Short Talk # 3 - Passwords/Veils

Lesson on passwords of the Veils - Do I Know You?

Short Talk # 4 - New Companions

How to encourage new or young companions in Your Royal Arch Chapter

Short Talk # 5 - Temple/Tabernacle

Temple and Tabernacle

Short Talk # 6 - Triple Tau/Triangle

Triple Tau and Triangle

Short Talk # 7 - Royal

Have you ever stopped to think about the reason that the Royal Arch is designated as "Royal?"

Short Talk # 8 - The Royal Arch Banners part 1

In Part 1, you learned how the banners representing some of the Tribes of Israel were used in the setup of a Royal Arch chapter room. This practice was more commonplace circa 1880-1900. Further, you saw how the history of the twelve Tribes of Jacob/Israel established a historical basis for this continuation.

Short Talk # 9 - The Royal Arch Banners part 2

In Part 2, we will explain the Biblical and Masonic connection to the lives of these Historic figures, along with their importance in each and every one of our pursuit toward edifying our Masonic building of knowledge.

Short Talk # 10 - Legend of the Lost Word

SHORT TALK BULLETIN - Vol. VI May, 1928 No.5 - Author Unknown - Ancient Craft Masonry attains its climax in the symbolism of the Lost Word, and A quest for its recovery; but in our ritualistic work there is little attempt at explanation.