Most Excellent Grand High Priest

Grand High Priest Edward Burleson
Title: Most Excellent Grand High Priest
Year: 1844 - 1845
Home Chapter: Lone Star No. 3

Edward Burleson was the Third MEGHP of Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the Republic of Texas 1844 to 1845.

Edward Burleson (December 15, 1798 to December 26, 1851), according to Grand Lodge of Texas records, shows to have been a member of Temple Lodge No. 4 in Houston, Texas and served as Junior Deacon in 1838, and later to have transferred to Austin Lodge No.12 in Austin, Texas, and served as its Master in 1842. Burleson's degree dates, and Masonic history prior to his coming to Texas is unknown.

Records also indicate that he dimitted from Austin Lodge No. 12 in December of 1843, but do not show his later Lodge affiliation. Burleson served as the Grand Junior Warden for the Grand Lodge in 1843, Grand Marshall in 1846, Grand Junior Deacon in 1847, and Grand Standard Bearer in 1849.

There is no Capitular record for Burleson, except that being a member of Austin Lodge No. 12 and being at the Convention creating the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the Republic of Texas, he would have been a member of Lone Star Chapter No. 3. Burleson is buried in the Texas State Cemetery in Austin, Texas, and was the first person to be buried there. The land comprising the State Cemetery was purchased by the State of Texas in 1854 in Burleson's honor. An oil painting of Burleson is hanging in the Daughters of the Republic of Texas Museum in Austin, Texas. A photo of Burleson is available on the website of the Texas State Cemetery. There is no grave marker indicating his service as Grand High Priest.

Burleson has an entry in the Handbook of Texas Online.