Most Excellent Grand High Priest

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Grand High Priest Dugald McFarlane
Title: Most Excellent Grand High Priest
Year: 1845 - 1846
Home Chapter: Cryus No. 1

Dugald McFarlane was the Fourth MEGHP Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the Republic of Texas 1845 to 1846.

Dugald McFarlane ( August, 1797 to March 23,1861) was a Mason from South Carolina, his parent Lodge and degree dates are unknown, as most of South Carolina's Masonic records were destroyed in that infamous act of Northern aggression.

However it is known that Mcfarlane sometimes called McFarland was given a warrant by the Grand Lodge of South Carolina exact date unknown, to go into Alabama and create Masonic Lodges. (The location of this warrant is currently unknown, but it is mentioned in the Southwestern Historical Quarterly as having been twice captured during the Texas revolution by Mexican troops who were Masons and returned to Mcfarlane).

Prior to coming to Texas, McFarlane became the First Most Excellent Grand High Priest of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Alabama on May 21,1823, and subsequently was the First High Priest of Tuscaloosa Chapter No. 1 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

In surviving records of Matagorda Lodge No. 7 McFarlane shows to have been a charter member. There is a discrepancy in the dates between surviving Matagorda Lodge records (The majority of which were destroyed in the great storm of 1855), and Grand Lodge of Texas records concerning McFarlane. McFarlane also is shown to have been a member of St. John Lodge No. 5 in Columbia, Texas and served as its Master in 1848.

Entries in the proceedings of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the Republic of Texas from its Inception in 1841 to its final act in 1849 (A reprint of which was recently found by Ms. Dawn Connally in the Grand Chapter archives, that also included a reprint of the GRACRT constitution from 1841. A photocopy of this document has been placed in the Grand Lodge of Texas Library for research use), indicate that McFarlane along with other Masons in Matagorda formed Cyrus Chapter sometime in 1837. This would have been consistent with the tradition of the Royal Arch degrees being conferred in Craft Lodges under a Masters Warrant.

Copies of pages from the McFarlane family Bible were located in the vertical file on Dugald McFarlane in the Matagorda County History Museum, copies of which have been obtained by the Committee.

McFarlane is buried in the Columbia Cemetery, in West Columbia, Texas in the Theall family plot along with his daughter, Eureka McFarlane Theall and son-in- law, Joseph Theall. There is no grave marker indicating his service as Grand High Priest. There is no known photo, drawing or other image of McFarlane in Texas, Alabama, or South Carolina. A description of McFarlane is given in the Southwestern Historical Quarterly Online, volume 016 number 3 page 298, and is reprinted verbatim below:

Dugald McFarlane was about five feet ten inches in height, well proportioned and strongly built, of fair complexion, light blue eyes, light brown hair tending toward auburn; his habitual expression indicated firmness of purpose, tempered by tenderness and kindness. He was perfectly erect, had a military bearing, was dignified but genial in manner, very strict as to morals, veracity and all good conduct.