Most Excellent Grand High Priest

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Grand High Priest Moses Johnson
Title: Most Excellent Grand High Priest
Year: 1847 - 1848
Home Chapter: Lone Star No. 3

Moses Johnson, M.D. was the Sixth MEGHP Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the Republic of Texas 1847 to 1849.

Moses Johnson, M.D. (1805 to October 2,1853) was made a Mason in Austin Lodge No. 12, he was initiated, passed and raised in 1840, was member of Lone Star Chapter No.3, and was present at the Convention forming the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the Republic of Texas., his Royal Arch Degree dates are unknown.

Dr. Johnson was also a member of Milam Lodge No. 11 in Independence, Texas and Port Lavaca Lodge No. 36 in Port Lavaca, Texas.

Dr. Johnson is buried in a private grave located on the property of Clay Brett at 194 FM 1697 Port Lavaca, Texas 77979. The grave was originally on Dr. Johnson's property. The principal investigator for this Committee traveled to Port Lavaca, and met with Mr. Brett who extended every courtesy and was taken to Dr. Johnson's grave site in a four wheel drive vehicle. The grave in a cattle pasture was overgrown with heavy underbrush and thorns. The Brett family had erected some barbed wire to help keep their cattle of the grave of Dr. Johnson and his wife. Mr. Brett also advised that Dr. Johnson's Grave was under water much of the time.

Dr. Johnson's grave site was photographed, and the photos are in possession of this Committee's archives. There is no known drawing, photo, or other image or a description of Dr. Johnson in existence. All early photos of Texas legislature members and other state officers were destroyed in the 1881 Capital fire in Austin, Texas.