Most Excellent Grand High Priest

Grand High Priest Charles Leslie Alderman
Title: Most Excellent Grand High Priest
Year: 1911 - 1912
Home Chapter: Big Spring No. 178

Exalted 2-13-1901 in Big Spring Chapter 178
High Priest 1902
E: Grand Scribe 1908-1909
E: Grand King 1909-1910
E: Deputy Grand High Priest 1910-1911
M:E: Grand High Priest 1911-1912


V.E. Companion Alderman was born on August 23, 1862.

He was Initiated in a Lodge No. 111 in Ohio during the year of 1899. The record show that he was in Big Springs, Texas and was Passed on May 25, 1900 and Raised on October 27, 1900 in Staked Plains Lodge No. 598 located in Big Springs, Texas. He was elected and served as Junior Warden in 1901 . 02 and Marshall in 1903. He served on the Committee No. 1 Lodges U. D. in 1902, serving as Chairman of that Committee in 1903, 1904, 1905. He served as Chairman of the Committee No. 2 Petitions from 1906 thru 1916. At the same time he served as Grand Marshal in 1908, 1912, and 1917. He served as District Deputy Grand Master of the 80th Masonic District during the years of 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922 and 1923. Concurrently with the listed Committees he was serving on the Committee on Revision of the Constitution and Laws in 1917, 1918 and Chairman of the Committee No. 2 on Petitions in the year of 1917. Chairman of the Foreign Correspondence in 1918 and the Committee on the Constitution and Laws in 1918 . 1920. He was on the Special Committee on the Revision of the Constitution and Laws of the Grand Lodge. He served on the Committee No. 1 Lodges U. D. in 1921; served as Chairman of the Committee in 1922, 1924 and 1925. In 1923 He served as Chairman of the Committee on By-Laws and Chairman of the Lodges U. D. No. 1 in 1926.

Was raised to Sublime Degree of Master Mason by Staked Plains Lodge No. 498 at Big Springs, October 27, 1900; Exalted to Degree of Royal Arch Mason in Big Spring Chapter No. 178, serving as E: High Priest, 1903 . 1904; Elected Most Excellent Grand High Priest in 1912; he became a Royal and Select Master in Big Spring Council No.178, 1902, serving as Thrice Illustrious: Master, Big Spring Council No. 117, in 1914; Elected Most Illustrious Grand Master, Grand Council of Texas, 1917; Knighted by Big Spring Commandery No. 31, 1908, serving as Eminent Commander, 1908. Elected Right Eminent Grand Commander of Grand Commandery of Texas, 1924; Received Scottish Rite Degrees in Galveston Consistory, 1901; elected to 33 Inspector General Honorary., 1909; Received Red Cross of Constantine, 1908, elected Viceroy of the same, 1911; Initiated into the Mystic Order of Shrine by El Maida Temple, El Paso, 1902, as courtesy to Hella Temple, Dallas, Texas; Elected Honorary Member Moslah Temple, Fort Worth, Texas, 1915. To all mankind and to us as Masons, in particular, his long and valuable service was an inspiration and a blessing.

V.E. Companion Alderman died October 2, 1939.

As we, may Companions, reflect upon the certainty of death, may we be stirred to a fuller appreciation of the responsibilities of life to the end that we may strive more conscientiously to emulate the unsullied and amiable conduct, the unfeigned piety to God, and he inflexible fidelity to a trust of our Ancient Patron, thus so building each his own spiritual tabernacle that he will be worthy of the unstinted approval of the Supreme Architect of the Universe as the 300 Companions of our own jurisdiction have done whose memory we now commemorate. Of this number who have been translated from this imperfect to that perfect life, Companion Charles Leslie Alderman deserves special mention. This worthy Companion, the Most Excellent Grand Chapter of Texas saw fit to signally honor by elevating him to the position of Most Excellent Grand High Priest in 1911. His Masonic record is indicative of his high purpose, his personal integrity, his nobility of soul, his unusual ability, and the great esteem in which he was held by his Masonic Brethren.

DIRECTOR of the TMRC from 1924 THRU 1932.