Most Excellent Grand High Priest

Grand High Priest Daniel Nash Cushing
Title: Most Excellent Grand High Priest
Year: 1926 - 1927
Home Chapter: Burleson No. 21

Born in Gray, Maine
Exalted: 10-1-1909 in Frio Chapter 133
Demitted 8-19-1910 from Frio Ch. 133
Affiliated 12-5-1910 with Cotulla Ch. 323 as Charter Member
Demitted 5-20-1915 from Cotulla Ch. 323
Affiliated 5-24-1915 with Burleson Chapter No. 21
Burleson Ch. 21 Consolidated with San Antonio Ch. 381 in 1968
Scribe 1916
King 1910, 1911, 1917
High Priest 1912, 1918
E: Grand Scribe 1923-1924
E: Grand King 1924-1925
E: Deputy Grand High Priest 1925-1926
M:E: Grand High Priest 1926-1927
Gr. Chapter Jurisprudence Comm. 1929, 1930, 1933 through 1941
Gr. Representative to Grand Chapter of Indiana
50 Year Award 1959

Daniel Nash Cushing was born in Gray, Maine on March 13, 1880. Very Excellent Companion Daniel Nash Cushing, passed away on January 13, 1970 had been a Mason for almost 63 years.


Brother Daniel Nash Cushing was made a Master Mason in Pleasant Hill Lodge No. 230 in Louisiana; he was Initiated on November 24, 1906, Passed on December 29, 1906 and Raised a Master Mason on January 26, 1907. He Dimitted on January 22, 1910 and Affiliated with Cotullia Lodge No. 892, Cotulla, Texas on April 23, 1910 and served as Secretary in 1910; Dimitting on June 25, 1915 and Affiliating with San Antonio Lodge No. 1079, San Antonio, Texas on July 22, 1915; Dimitting on December 28, 1920 ; Affiliating with Triune Lodge No. 15, San Antonio, Texas in 1920; Dimitting in the year of 1923 after serving as Senior Warden in 1921; he affiliated with Texas Lodge No. 8, San Antonio, Texas Serving as Worshipful Master in 1924. He received his Fifty Year Service Award in 1959.

Very Excellent Companion was Exalted in Frio Chapter No. 133 and Demitted from Frio Chapter No. 133 on August 19, 1910. He then Affiliated with Cotulla Chapter No. 323 as a Charter Member. He Demitted from Cotulla Chapter No. 323 on May 20, 1915 and Affiliated with Burleson Chapter No. 21 on May 24, 1915. He served as Excellent Scribe in the year of 1916, serving as Excellent King in Cotulla Chapter No. 323 and then in Burleson Chapter No. 21 during the year of 1917. He served as Most Excellent High Priest twice, once in 1912 in Cotulla Chapter No. 323 and then in Burleson Chapter No. 21 in 1918. He had also been active in the Grand Council of Royal and Select Master’s of Texas.

He was elected Right Excellent Grand Scribe serving in 1923 – 1924. Elected and served as Right Excellent Grand King during the year of 1924 – 1925. During 1926 – 1927 he was elected and served as Right Excellent Deputy Grand High Priest and Most Excellent Grand High Priest in 1926 – 1927. Serving on the Grand Chapter Committee on Jurisprudence in the years of 1929, 1930, 1933 through 1941. He was the Grand Representative of the Grand Chapter of Indiana near the Grand Chapter of Texas. He received 50 year Service Award in 1959.

He was Knighted in 1916 in San Antonio Commandery No. 7, Knights Templar. He was elected, installed and served San Antonio Commandery as Eminent Commander in 1920. He also served the Grand Commandery, Knights Templar of Texas as Right Eminent Grand Commander in 1939. He Loved and Served having been a member of the Board of Directors of the Home for Aged Masons for a total of 38 years. His wise counsel during that long period of time will always be remembered by the Companions of Texas, and his advice will be heeded by those who follow after him.