Most Excellent Grand High Priest

Grand High Priest Eugene Shelby Winfree, Jr.
Title: Most Excellent Grand High Priest
Year: 1953 - 1954
Home Chapter: Beaumont No. 188

Born in Eagle Lake, Texas
Exalted: 3-5-1927 in Beaumont Chapter No. 188
Affiliated 2-1-1963 as a Dual Member with Waco Chapter 45
Scribe 1929
King 1930
High Priest 1931
E: Grand Captain of the Host 1949
E: Grand Scribe1950-1951
E: Grand King 1951-1952
E: Deputy Grand High Priest 1952-1953
M:E: Grand High Priest 1953-1954
R:E: Grand Secretary 1962 through 1971
Gr. Representative to the Grand Chapter of Missouri