Most Excellent Grand High Priest

Grand High Priest Edward Burner Anderson
Title: Most Excellent Grand High Priest
Year: 1992 - 1993
Home Chapter: Lone Star No. 6

Companion Edward Burner Anderson was born in Newark, Licking County, Ohio, the only child of Franklin Burner and Dorothy Virginia (Swisher) Anderson.

He attended public schools in Newark, Ohio until March 1950, finishing the 6th grade in McAllen, Texas. Attended Horace Mann Jr. School in San Antonio and graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School, San Antonio, Texas in 1956.

He attended A. & M. College of Texas and San Antonio Junior College and graduated from Texas A. & M. University with BBA in Accounting in 1964. Received Master of Science Degree in Computer Science from Texas A. & M. University in June 1967.

He has three daughters, Harriet Irene Sexton, Rachel Marie Anderson and Samantha Louise Anderson and one son, Joseph Burner Anderson. He has one granddaughter, Leslie Frances Sexton and one grandson, Douglas Michael Sexton.

He is a Life Member of the National Rifle Association and the National Model Railroad Association.

He is a Charter Member, Treasurer, former Junior Warden and Licensed Lay Minister of Holy Innocents Anglican (traditional Episcopal) Church of Round Rock, Texas.

Employed by the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation since April 16, 1968 in the Information Services Division as Manager of Systems Programming. Previously employed by the Data Processing Center at Texas A. & M. University as a Senior Programmer.


Received degrees in Hill City Lodge No. 456, A.F. & A.M. in 1971. Served as Worshipful Master in 1978-79 and was elected Life Member in 1981. Has held a certificate of proficiency in the work sine 1974.

Exalted in San Antonio Chapter No. 381, R.A.M. as a courtesy to Lone Star Chapter No. 6, R.A.M. on May 15, 1971. Served as High Priest of Lone Star Chapter No. 6 in 1977-78. Received the Order of High Priesthood in December 1977. Served as District Deputy Grand High Priest for District No. 21 in 1980. Elected to serve on the Grand Chapter Committee on Work in 1982, serving as Chairman in 1987. Elected Grand Scribe in 1989, Grand King in 1990, and Deputy Grand High Priest in 1991. Has held a certificate of proficiency in the work since 1973. Representative of the Grand Chapter of Nova Scotia near the Grand Chapter of Texas since 1979.

Greeted in San Antonio Council No. 14, R.&S.M. as a courtesy to Austin Council No. 2, R.&S.M. on May 15, 1971. Received the Super Excellent Master Degree in 1972. Served as Thrice Illustrious Master of Austin Council No. 2 in 1976-77. Received the Order of the Silver Trowel in December 1976 and served as Master in 1984. Served the Grand Council of Texas as Grand Captain of the Guards in 1978, District Deputy Grand Master for District No. 21 in 1979, and Grand Conductor of the Council in 1981. Served on the Committee on By-Laws. Elected to serve on the Grand Council Committee on Work in 1982 and served as Chairman in 1987. Has held a certificate of proficiency in the work since 1974.

Received the Illustrious Order of the Red Cross and Order of Malta in San Antonio Commandery No. 7, K.T. as a courtesy to Colorado Commandery No. 4, K.T. on May 22, 1971. Knighted in Colorado Commandery on May 24, 1971 by his father, Franklin B. Anderson, a Past Commander of St. Luke’s Commandery No. 34, Newark, Ohio. Served as Commander of Colorado Commandery in 1979. Has served as Prelate since 1980. Member of Field Drill Corps of Colorado Commandery since its founding in 1972 and has served as Captain since 1980. Dual member of Park Place Commandery No. 106, K.T. and an inactive member of the Field Drill Corps. Served the Grand Commandery of Texas as a member of the Necrology Committee and as an ex-officio member of the Committee on Field Drill. Representative of the Grand Commandery of Ohio near the Grand Commandery of Texas. Life Sponsor of the Knights Templar Eye Foundation in both Colorado Commandery No. 4 and Park Place Commandery No. 106. Received the first Excalibur Award presented by Colorado Commandery No. 4 on August 21, 1992.

Received the Scottish Rite Degrees in the Austin Scottish Rite Bodies in March and September 1972. Served Austin Consistory as Master of Kadosh in 1991. Serving various appointive offices in the other bodies and as a member of the ritualistic committee. Member of the 27th degree team. Invested with Rank and Decoration of Knight Commander of the Court of Honor on November 1, 1991.

Created a Noble in Ben Hur Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S. in September 1971.

Made a Companion Knight in Texas York Rite College No. 14 in May 1973. Served in various appointive offices. Served as Coordinator of the second section degree team since 1988. Received the Order of the Purple Cross on August 1, 1992.

Knighted in St. Austin Conclave, Red Cross of Constantine in July 1973. Served as Sovereign in 1987. Served as ritualistic coordinator since 1988.

Knighted in Texas Priory No. 23, K.Y.C.H. in April 1980.

Made a Prophet in Omala Grotto of San Antonio on May 16, 1987.

Ordained in Nazareth Tabernacle No. XXIV, H.R.A.K.T.P. on December 12, 1987. Serving in appointive officer line.

Member of York Rite Esoteric Association, serving as President in 1986.

Initiated in Fidelis Chapter No. 963, Order of the Eastern Star on April 26, 1991.

Most Excellent Companion Edward Anderson died on Saturday morning, March 27, 1993 in a tragic accident at a motel in Arlington, Texas. The Grand High Priest was in the preparation for and looking forward with great expectation to Opening a Special Convocation of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas at the Home for Aged Masons. This Special Convocation was called for the purpose to dedicate and commemorate the opening of a five million dollar addition of the new Clinic/Nursing Center at the Home for Aged Masons. Most Excellent Edward B. Anderson served for only four months of his term as Grand High Priest, and the loss of this great Companion will not only be felt by his family, but to all he Companions and Chapters of Texas. Freemasonry has lost one of its great workers.