Most Excellent Grand High Priest

Grand High Priest W. David Melear
Title: Most Excellent Grand High Priest
Year: 2015 - 2016
Home Chapter: Quanah Chapter No. 450

Masonic History


Initiated as an EA in November 1992, passed to FC in February 1993, and raised a MM in March 1993, in Quanah Lodge No. 689; affiliated with Canyon City Lodge No. 730 in 1993 appointed Senior Deacon in July 1994-95, installed Senior Warden in July 1995-96, installed Worshipful Master in July 1996-97, and 2004-05; served as DDGM in 1999, and was appointed as the Grand Junior Deacon in 2007; Masonic Youth Activities Committee 2008-2015, Masonic Membership Committee 2015-current.

Chapter of Royal Arch Masons

Exalted a Royal Arch Mason in Quanah Chapter No. 450 in June 1993, and was elected High Priest in 1997-98; Grand Master of the Second Veil 1997-98, Grand Master of the First Veil 2003-04; Order of High Priesthood December 1997; DDGHP 29, 1998-99; Affiliated with Amarillo Chapter No. 196 in 1994; Elected High Priest in 1999-2000; DDGHP 38, 2004-05; Grand Chapter Committee on Grievances and Appeals 2003-04, Grand Chapter New Charters Committee 2002-2012. Elected to the progressive Grand Chapter Line of Texas in October 2012 and is currently serving as Most Excellent Grand High Priest 2015-16.

Council of Royal and Select Masters

Greeted a Royal and Select Master in Quanah Council No 367 in June 1993 and was elected Thrice Illustrious Master in June 1996-97; DDGM 29, 1997-98; Order of the Silver Trowel 1997; Affiliated with Amarillo Council No. 134 in 1994; Elected Thrice Illustrious Master in June in 2001-02; DDGM 38, 2004-05; Grand Sentinel 2003-04; York Rite Festival, Liaison and Coordination Committee 2009-10; Fraternal Correspondence Committee 2009-10; York Rite Development Committee 2008-2013.

Commandery of Knights Templar

Knighted in Vernon Commandery No. 33 in July 1993, elected Commander 1996, Affiliated with Amarillo Commandery 1993, elected Commander 2000, appointed Prelate 2001-09; Charter member Knight Preceptor 1996; Affiliated with Wichita Falls Commandery No. 59 in 2004; Affiliated Plainview Commandery No. 53 in 2010. Elected to the progressive Grand Commandery Line of Texas in April 2001 and served as Grand Commander 2010-11

York Rite College

Initiated 8 February 1994, Order of the Purple Cross and Associate Regent July 2007, and served as Governor May 2011.

Scottish Rite

Initiated Forth Worth in 1994, transferred to Lubbock 1996 endowed Member 2004; Degree Master 9th & 10th Degree 2001 – 2014, Degree Master 14th Degree 2007 – present, Degree Master 30th Degree 2014 – present; received 32nd Degree KCCH in November 2009.