Zerubbabal Award

At the 2008 Grand Chapter Convocation, the Grand Chapter voted to accept the creation of the Zerubbabel Award. This award was to give the Chapter leaders an idea of the items that would help them improve their Chapter's proficiency, pride, and "Esprit de Corps" among the Officers and Companions. It also established for the first time an opportunity to have a little competition with the other Chapters in the state.

Although we have the Cornerstone Award and Golden Keystone Award to recognize individual Companions, we have no such award to recognize the Chapters for their hard work such as the Grand Lodge's Vanguard Award for the Blue Lodges and/or the Grand Commandery's Cross & Crown Award for the Commanderies.


Overview of the Zerubbabel Award:

  1. The District Deputy Grand High Priest for each District evaluates each Chapter on his Official Visit after which he tabulates the score for each Chapter pertaining to their completion of the requirements of the Award, which uses a predetermined scoring system that has been approved by the presiding Grand High Priest.

  1. All Chapters are scored starting at Zero (0) and points are added for all the activities that provide evidence that the Officers are working together to build working Chapters.

  1. The District Deputy Grand High Priest will make two Official Visits during the year at which time he evaluates the Chapter on each visit. Both scores are added together to ascertain the total score for each Chapter.

  1. The District Deputy Grand High Priestís Official Visit Reports (Zerubbabel Award Report) are submitted to the presiding Grand High Priest at which time the Grand High Priest reviews the reports and determines the winners.

  1. There are two categories: Highest Points Scored and Most Improved. Highest Points Category has First, Second, and Third Place with a monetary award for each place; and Most Improved Category winner is presented a Certificate of Achievement.

  1. The Chapters are judged upon the following criteria: Meetings, Opening/Closing Proficiency, Degree Proficiency, Secretary Records, All Officers present at Installation, York Rite Conference attendance, a program on the Texas Masonic Retirement Center, hold a Special Called Meeting to honor new Companions who were exalted at a York Rite Festival, members present at York Rite Festival, Pride in Chapter, Community participation or other special activities designed to improve the Chapter, and conferring own Degrees.