Standards Of Successful Operation For Chapters And Councils

By Robert P. Walker
V:E: Past Grand High Priest - 2001
The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas

The following material has been prepared under the direction of The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas, the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters, and/or the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Texas.

Those who have attained the degree of Master Mason may petition for all the York Rite Degrees and Orders at one time. Please ask a York Rite friend for a petition or see the Secretary of any of the bodies. Degrees and Orders are conferred in Festival Style with multiple candidates at one time.

Primary Standards
(These standards are determined to be necessary for enhancing the dignity and efficiency of the meeting)

Each Officer should fill his station at all stated meetings, unless excused for reasonable cause.

Each Officer should be proficient in his station in the opening and closing ritual and floor work.

Each Officer should know and understand his duties at a stated meeting. (Example: Duties of an officer during a balloting procedure.)

The Presiding Officer prepares a "Business Agenda" for the meeting in accordance with the general order of business as set forth in Article 207 of the Laws of the R.A.M. of Texas and Article 174 of the Laws of the Grand Council of R.&S.M. of Texas and follows the pre-planned Agenda, thus promoting an orderly and timely meeting.

Examples of items that may be included are:
Special Programs
Report future activities
Activities and other Bodies
Reports from the various Committees

Secondary Standards
(These standards, if achieved, will not only continue to enhance professionalism in the meetings, but will aid in promoting growth and interest in the activities of the body)

Each Officer should strive to be proficient, in his station, in at least one of the Degrees of the Body.

The Presiding Officer should utilize the officers of the body whenever feasible to chair committees or otherwise provide input for the successful operation of the body.

The Bodies should strive to promote training in leadership and management for officers and other interested members. Sources include the Masonic Renewal Committee, the Warden's Retreat Program, the Texas Lodge of Research.

The Presiding Officer should plan to include, in each stated meeting, a short presentation (5 minutes or so) to the membership by some knowledgeable person on any topic of interest, not necessarily limited to a Masonic subject.

The Officers should develop and implement various ideas for including family members in at least some of the yearly activities of the Body.

Each Body should develop and implement methods of promoting the idea of York Rite membership in Blue Lodges. Some methods might include promotional programs, volunteer work, presentations, recognition programs, liaison officer, etc. The Fraternal Bodies should work together to develop and implement ideas for community involvement.