York Rite Development Board

Purpose of Development Fund. The basic purpose of this Development Fund shall be the general improvement of York Rite Masonry within the Jurisdiction of the Grand Council of Texas. Interest only, received from the invested Development Funds, may be spent to benefit York Rite Masonry, such as: (Amended 1998)

  • 1. A regular York Rite publication.
  • 2. Education and training programs for York Rite members.
  • 3. York Rite programs and materials.

Activities which do not benefit York Rite Masonry would not qualify for financial support from the Development Fund.

The Development Fund Directors shall meet semi-annually. Meetings shall be called for at a time and place convenient to the Directors. The elective Grand Officers of the Grand Council shall receive notice of the meetings. They shall be accountable only to the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Texas.


All funds received into the York Rite Development Fund, except interest earned on the investments, shall be a part of the "Principal". Principal may be gained by any means allowed by Masonic Law and Statutes. The Directors shall be authorized to receive donations, devises, and bequests, from Masonic or other Bodies, and from individuals, and from other sources, and to hold the title to such property, real, personal, and mixed, in the name of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Texas for the use and benefit of said Development Fund. Such donations, devises, and bequests when received, shall be applied as directed by the donors, but when no directions as to the application of same are given, they may be used for the benefit of said Development Fund in such manner as the Directors may deem most advisable. (Amended 1998)

Available Funds.

Only interest received into the Development Fund from the investment of the principal shall be "Available Funds". Available funds may be used to support York Rite Development Fund activities. No part of the York Rite Development Fund Principal shall become available Funds.


York Rite Development Board Forms.

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