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Right Eminent Grand Commander Richard D. Doss welcomes you to the Official Web Site of The Grand Commandery Knights Templar of Texas. Please take your time while browsing our site and come back as often as you like as more is being added.

Our mission is to educate you about Masonry in general, and York Rite Masonry in particular. If you have an interest in joining our great fraternity, contact any York Rite member, ask your lodge secretary, or click here for an application. Any York Rite member will be glad to provide you with a petition for the degrees of York Rite Masonry and help you fill it out. The only requirement is that you be a Master Mason in good standing with your local Masonic Lodge.


All Sir Knights MUST Register.

We are so excited about the upcoming 165th Grand Conclave!

Want a seat at the Annual Grand Communication? Hurry or you might be standing!

Registration is REQUIRED!
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Featured Programs

  • Holy Land Pilgrimage Fund
    (Send a Pastor)
    Change a ministry

    It is our goal too strengthen Christian ministry by providing an intensive travel and study program for full time, ordained ministers in the form of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

  • Permanent Endowment Fund
    Help Support!

    The Permanent Endowment Fund of Texas was created to provide a long-term fund raiser to support the efforts of the Grand Commandery Knights Templar of Texas.

  • Social Order of Beauceant
    Social Order of the Beauceant Get Active!

    We support the Social Order of the Beauceant. Your efforts makes us Sir Knights better! Get your lady or daughter involved, it makes us all stronger.


Why should you consider being a Knight's Templar?
The Chivalric Orders are a set of three Orders (Degrees) in this body; Order of Red Cross, Order of Malta and Orders of the Temple. These orders are founded upon the traditions of the Chivalric Orders of Knighthood of the middle ages, and the Rite has therefore acquired the title of Chivalric Masonry.
Military Service Bars
Were you in the service to our nation? Do you have the bars for your coat? Please contact your recorder to get the bars you earned with your service.Service is an Honor.
DeMolay and Rainbow
Sir Knights, our youth organizations need your help. Get involved in your local Chapters and Assemblies. Start one if you do not have one. It only takes a few men.
Growth and Prosperity
As we move forward with bold programs and educational efforts, it is our desire to see positive growth and excitement in our asylums. Excited knights will promote growth and have prosperity in return.

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