IRS 990 Form Informational Section

All York Rite Bodies have to File a 990.

It appears that the IRS is revoking the tax exempt status of charitable organizations that have not filed a form of 990 (990, 990-EZ or 990-N) for three consecutive years. They are not saying once in three consecutive years, they are saying that the forms have to be filed for three consecutive years by the deadline for 2009 filing or the tax exempt status will be automatically withdrawn.

Therefore many Commanderies who did not file the 2007 form are going to have to go back and fill out the 2007 Return to get the three consecutive years in by this filing year. Since the 990-N is not available to file on the website any more, it is suggested that a 990-EZ be filed for 2007.

We have attached a copy of the 2007 form 990ez and a copy of a letter that can be filled out and sent with the return to the IRS that will hopefully be accepted.

The group exemption number for the Grand Commandery is ______

Please ask any Grand Officer for assistance as they have all the information to help you, but you can also call the office (214) 575-3940 if you need any assistance or to double check the EIN numbers.

Do not wait. We need this done Today.

You can search for your status at: Form 990-N (e-Postcard) Search.


YOU MUST FILE! You file with the IRS and you send a copy to the Grand Recorder.