Past Grand Commander's of
the Grand Commandery of Texas

Grand Commander
Howard Bart Henderson
Title: Grand Commander
Year: 2013 - 2014
Home Commandery: Ruthven No. 2

Bart was Raised a Master Mason in Woodland Lodge No. 1157, on July 31, 1986. He later joined Reagan Lodge No. 1037; Bellaire Lodge No. 1336, serving as Master in 1999-2000; and DeMolay Lodge No. 199, currently serving as Junior Deacon. He has served the Grand Lodge of Texas as: Chairman of the Youth Activities Committee 2001-2007; DDGM, 30-B, in 2004; as Grand Senior Deacon in 2006; Grand Master's Regional Coordinator: 2009-2012; Grand Master's Assistant State Coordinator: 2001-2002, 2004; Grand Master's State Coordinator: 2006; Recording Secretary of the Grand Lodge 'Counterparts': 2002-2006; Grievances and Appeals Committee: 2009-2013. He also served as President of the Masters, Wardens, and Secretaries Assn. of the 30th Masonic Districts: 2000.

Bart was Exalted a Royal Arch Mason in Will N. Kidd Chapter No. 424, in May, 1987; Served as: High Priest in 1993-94; He served the Grand Chapter of RAM of Texas as: DDGHP, Dist 8 - 2003; Grand Master of the First Veil; Grand Royal Arch Captain; Grand Marshal. He has also served on the Credentials Committee, Honors and Awards Committee, Grand Officers Reports Committee, and the Grievances and Appeals Committee. He was presented the Golden Keystone Award: 2005. He was elected to receive the Order of High Priesthood in 1994 and currently serves as the Right Excellent Master of Ceremonies, Texas Chapter, Order of High Priesthood; and Grand Marshal, Grand Chapter, RAM of Texas.

Bart was Greeted a Royal and Select Master in San Jacinto Council No. 347, in May, 1987, and served as Thrice Illustrious Master in 1992-1993; He has served the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Texas as: DDGM, Dist. 8 - 1997; Grand Marshal; Grand Captain of the Guard; and the Credentials Committee; Grand Officers Reports Committee; and the Recognitions, Honors and Awards Committee. He was elected to receive the Order of the Silver Trowel in 1993 and served as Thrice Illustrious Master of the Texas Council, Order of the Silver Trowel in 2007. He still participates with the annual conferral.

Bart was Knighted in Ruthven Commandery No. 2, on September 25, 1987, and served as Commander in 1994. He has participated with the Drill Team since 1988 and served as Drill Team President in 1991. He served on the Credentials Committee; Field Drill Committee, and the Grievances and Appeals Committee for the Grand Commandery and was elected as Grand Sentinel in 2003, in Tyler, Texas, and was invited to serve as Aide-de-Camp to Grand Master Kenneth B. Fischer: 2003-present; currently serves as Grand Commander, Grand Commandery, KT of Texas.

He was elected a member of the Gulf Coast York Rite College No. 106 in 1991, served as Governor in 2001-2002, received the Order of the Purple Cross in 1999, and served as Deputy Grand Governor: 2006-2012.

He was admitted a member of Sam Houston Council No. 275, Allied Masonic Degrees in 1992, serving as Sovereign Master in 2002, and received the Red Branch of Eri in 1998.

Bart was initiated in 1993, as a member of Anson Jones Council No. 47, Knight Masons, serving as Excellent Chief in 2003.

He was elected to membership in San Jacinto Conclave, Red Cross of Constantine in 1999, serving as Puissant Sovereign in 2009.

He was elected to membership in 1997 into Resurrection Tabernacle No. 21, Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests, serving as Preceptor in 2009.

Bart is a member of Thomas H. Ridout Priory No. 75, KYCH, serving as Prior in 2007-2008; and currently serves as Personal Representative, District 14, to the Grand Master General, Convent General, KYCH: 2010-present.

Bart was initiated into the Houston Valley of the Scottish on March 21, 1987, and immediately became active in the Duck's Kitchen, serving as Chairman: 1995-2003; Reunion Standard Bearer's Committee Chairman:1995 - 2002; Wise Master of the Chapter of Rose Croix - 2001; currently serving as Master of Ceremonies - Remembrance/Renewal Degree Team; and Junior Warden, Lodge of Perfection. He was honored as a Knight Commander of the Court of Honor in 1993; Coroneted as a 33rd Degree, Inspector General Honorary in 2001. He is also a member of the Order of the Duck; Royal Order of Scotland: 1991-present.

He was initiated a member of Arabia Temple Shrine (Hot Sands) on March 21, 1987, and is a member of the Patrol Unit and the Hospital Transportation Committee.

Bart was initiated into the Order of the Eastern Star, in Houston Heights Chapter No. 258, on February 2, 1987, and served as Worthy Patron: 1991-1992; 2010-2011; He has also served the Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star as: Grand Representative to Alberta, Canada, 2010-2011; and to Oklahoma, 2001-2012; several Committee Appointments and as Chairman of the Executive Committee in 2001 and Co-Chairman of the Executive Committee in 2011.

He is a Charter Member of Houston Court No. 2, Order of the Amaranth, serving as Royal Patron in 1996-1997, and as Deputy Supreme Royal Patron: 1998-present.

Bart began his Masonic career early, being initiated into Reagan Chapter No. 203, Order of DeMolay, in 1972; He has served as an Advisor of Houston Chapter No. 201; He is a member of the DeMolay Legion of Honor (Active) and served as Dean of the Houston Preceptory in 1996, and as Sgt. At Arms, Texas DeMolay, State Preceptory: 2007- present; He is a DeMolay Chevalier and served as the Commander of the Gulf Coast Court in 2000, and Grand Commander of the Texas State Court: 2002; He is an Active Member of the Supreme Council, DeMolay International: 2006- present, and served as Grand Senior Deacon: 2011-2012; Chairman of the Youth Protection Committee: 2010-2012. He is a Frank S. Land Fellow and was awarded the Guild of the Leather Apron in 2009.

Bart has also served the International Order of Rainbow for Girls as Chairman of the Advisory Board, Houston Heights Assembly No. 10: 1988-2001, and Board Member of Houston Assembly No. 8: 2007- present; Received the Grand Cross of Color in 2002.

Bart also served Texas Job's Daughter's as Associate Bethel Guardian, Bethel No. 2, Houston: 1997-2000; Associate Jurisdictional Guardian, Texas: 2000-2003; Received the Member of Honor: 1997.

Bart's other Masonic activities include:

Masonic Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis - Texas College: 2001-present, serving as Secundus Ancient: 2003-2009;
Cross of Texas Shrine No. 1, White Shrine of Jerusalem (Charter Member);
Texas Lodge of Research, Associate Member;
Texas Chapter, Sovereign Order of Knights Preceptor, serving as Preceptor: 2011-2012;
Lone Star Chapel No. 45, St. Thomas of Acon, currently serving as 4th Working Knight;
Order of Quetzalcoatl, Tlaloc Teocalli (Charter Member): 2012-present.

Bart is also very active in his community as a:

Life Member of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo since 1983, serving on the Speakers Committee: 1992-present; Chairman of the Stockman's Corral Club: 2009-2011; Captain of the Logistics Team, Championship Wine Garden: 2011-present, and was awarded "Rookie of the Year"-2011;
Rotary Club of the Southwest - Member/Paul Harris Fellow: 2008-present;
Heights Rotary Club - Member/Paul Harris Fellow: 1991-2005;
North Side Lions Club - Member: 1983-1990, Secretary: 1986-1990;
High Bidders (HLSR Livestock Auction Bidding Group) - Vice President: 2011- present;
Wine Cru (HLSR Wine Auction Bidding Group) - Member: 2007-present.