Past Grand Commander's of
the Grand Commandery of Texas

Grand Commander
Robert M. Loflin
Title: Grand Commander
Year: 2014 - 2015
Home Commandery: St. John No. 101

Robert Milton Loflin, Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery, Knights Templar of Texas was born in Lancaster, California on January 28, 1969. Robert works as a Senior Supervisor for Formosa Plastics Corporation in Point Comfort, TX. He is married to his lovely wife Symantha, and resides in Port Lavaca, Texas.

Robert was initiated into Lavaca Lodge No.36 in Port Lavaca, Texas on August 19, 1997, Passed on October 2, 1997, Raised on November 8, 1997, and is an Endowed Member. He served as Worshipful Master during the year 2002-2003, and is the current Treasurer. He served as District Deputy Grand Master for the 36th Masonic District in 2005, under Grand Master Elmer Murphy. He is also a charter member of Frontier Lodge No.28 and Tranquility Lodge and a associate member of the Texas Lodge of Research. Robert is also on the Grand Lodge Texas History Committee, and is a Sam Houston Hall of Fame Member.

Grand Commander Loflin was Exalted November 21, 1998 into Port Lavaca Chapter No. 338. He served as High Priest in 2001, and 2010, and as District Deputy Grand High Priest for the 24th Capitular District in 2004 under Grand High Priest Don L. Smith. He currently is serving as Scribe. He is a plural member of Beeville Chapter No. 191. He is a member of the Order of the High Priesthood.

Robert was Greeted into Port Lavaca Council No. 275 on November 21, 1998. He served as Thrice Illustrious Master in 2001, and was the District Deputy Grand Master for the 24th Cryptic District in 2004 under Grand Master Robert P. Walker. He currently is serving again as Thrice Illustrious Master. He is a plural member of Beeville Chapter No. 129. He receive the Super Excellent Master’s Degree in 2013. He is a member of the Order of the Silver Trowel.

Robert was Created a Knight Templar on June 19, 1999 into St. John Commandery No. 101, and is an Endowed Member. He served as Commander in 2002, and is currently serving as Captain General. He was elected Grand Sentinel at the 152nd Grand Conclave, and has regularly advanced through the line, and was installed as 161st Grand Commander on April 28, 2014. Robert has served the last 3 years as a member of the Long Range Planning Committee. He also is a plural member of Corpus Christi Commander No. 57. He was created a Knight Commander of the Temple in 2014. He is a member of Texas Chapter, Sovereign Order of Knights Preceptor.

Robert is an Endowed Member of South Texas York Rite College No. 189, having been Invited on November 3, 2001. He served as Preeminent Governor in 2011, and received the Order of the Purple Cross in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2012. He also was awarded the Gold Honor Award in 2004.

He is also a member of Texian Priory KYCH No. 78, and served as Prior for 2013-2014. He also was installed into South Texas Red Cross of Constantine in 2005, and currently serves as Orator. Robert is also a Member in Perpetuity of John J. Harris Chapter No. 397 National Sojourners since June 2, 2006. He is also a member of Oso Camp Heroes of ’76 since April 10, 2010.

Our Grand Commander is also an Endowed 32 Degree Mason, having joined the Valley of Houston, Scottish Rite on December 11, 1999. He is also a Life Member of the Corpus Christi Scottish Rite Club.

Robert is also an Endowed Member of the Order of the Eastern Star, having been initiated on May 29, 1999 into Port Lavaca Chapter No. 373. He served as Worthy Patron in 2003, and is now affiliated with Yorktown Chapter No. 945.

Other memberships that Grand Commander Loflin is active in are the Grand College of Rites, Anson Jones AMD No. 462, Resurrection Tabernacle XXI, Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests, and the Royal Order of Scotland.