Past Grand Conclave's of
the Grand Commandery of Texas

159 Grand Conclave
Year: 2011 - 2012
Located in Houston, Texas
Presiding officer was Paul E. Wunsche
Held on April 20-23, 2012


Fun, Family, Caring & Chivalry

Caring: We must care for each other as well-call a Sir Knight you havenít heard from in a while.
Family: Family is one of our most important tenets.Not only of our Masonic family, but also our family at home.
Chivalry: We need to be the shining light that we proclaim to be!
Fun: A little laughter can go a long way. At our stated conclaves, ritual practices and other events, we must have fun!


Grand Conclaves are held each year in some location in the state.