Officers of the Grand Commandery
Knights Templar of Texas

Officer's of the Templar year: 1977 - 1978

Title Name
Right Eminent Grand CommanderJames D. Baccus
Very Eminent Deputy Grand CommanderCharles W. Wesbrooks
Eminent Grand GeneralissimoJames D. Berry
Eminent Grand Captain GeneralBelker D. Paschall, Jr.
Eminent Grand Senior WardenAlbert B. Seay
Eminent Grand Junior WardenDonald L. Smith
Eminent Grand PrelateS. George Parrigin
Eminent Grand TreasurerRichard T. Porter
Eminent Grand RecorderDale E. Miller
Eminent Grand Standard BearerCharles D. Browder, Jr.
Eminent Grand Sword BearerRobert A. Melton
Eminent Grand WarderWilliam L. Blanks
Eminent Grand SentinelR.C. Rains


None have labored harder than our Past Grand Commanders and his officers, the strength of our Commandery and this fraternity shows there efforts. We have listed all the Sir Knights that have served in the Grand Line of Past Years, if you know of anyone who is missing please contact the Internet Committee.