Permanent Endowment Fund

The Permanent Endowment Fund of the Grand Commandery Knights Templar of Texas was created to provide a long-term fund raiser to support the efforts of the Grand Commandery Knights Templar of Texas. It allows the Sir Knights of Texas to support our investments and supplement donations through honorariums and/or memorials.

Additionally, the Sir Knights of Texas, their ladies, and our out of state guests will continue to enjoy the great success of our Grand Commandery Sessions thanks to donations from this fund.

Your Grand Officers feel the need to support our Grand Commandery, and invite you to become a part of this investment in our future.

The Permanent Endowment Fund will:

  • Pay not less than 50% of the allowance designated to host a Grand Conclave.
  • Gift each youth organization not less than $1000.00 per year to be presented by the Grand Commander or his representative at their annual state meeting.
  • Donate equal amounts to the Holy Land Pilgrimage Fund and the Knights Templar Eye Foundation, not to exceed $500.00 each.
  • Subsidize any such other item as voted on by this Grand Commandery, funds provided.

The Permanent Endowment Fund Jewel alone is available for a donation of $250.00. Two sizes are available: Large (2 1/2 inch diameter) or small (1 1/4 inch lapel pin).

Diamonds may be added to jewel for a donation of $150.00 per diamond, up to 20 diamonds.

Full jewels (jewel and 20 diamonds) are available for a donation of $3,250.00.

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