The Dale Miller Award

Commandery Year
Southeast Texas No. 1122018
Arlington No. 1072018
Brownwood No. 222018
Burnet No. 1132018
High Plains No. 532018
Dallas No. 62016
Burnet No. 1132015
Southside No. 832015
San Felipe De Austin No. 12015
Ascension No. 252015
Alexander C. Garrett No. 1032015
Dallas No. 62013
Dallas No. 62012
Southside No. 832010
Amarillo No. 482010
Dallas No. 62008


The Dale Miller Award is to recognize a Commandery in each Templar district. The Award goes to a Commandery who demonstrated the most impressive and positive performance while conferring the Order of the Temple during the Commandery's Annual Inspection. The winners of the Dale Miller Award will be recognized at the Annual Banquet in April at the Grand Conclave.