The J. C. Kidd Award

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The J. C. Kidd Plaques are awarded annually at the Awards Banquet by the Grand Commander to the Constituent Commanderies having the highest grade in the Asylum Tactics in each Templar District during the Annual Visitations and Inspections.

Originally awarded as Banners, they were given to the Annual Conclave in Temple, Texas, in April 1937, by Grand Treasurer Austin E. Clarkson, Past Commander of Ruthven Commandery No. 2. The award was named in memory of Sir Knight J. C. Kidd, who served as Grand Commander in 1908-1909.

At the Annual Conclave held in Tyler, Texas, in April 1959, the Grand Commandery voted to replace the Banners with special Bronze Plaques, emblazoned with a Cross and Crown at the top, and a bronze plate with the proper identification inscribed below, to be presented in the same manner as the J. C. Kidd Banners for efficiency in the Asylum Tactics. These plaques are traveling awards, retained by the winner only for the Templar Year, and are returned to the Grand Commandery for presentation again annually.

Per Article 340.

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