Grand Commandery: Forms

Forms for Annual Returns:

These are the forms needed to complete the Annual Returns that are due before the 15th of January each year. These forms should be filled out and emailed or mailed to the Grand Recorder AND your Inspecting Officer. Your Grand Officers would be happy if all forms are emailed to them. Their email addresses can be obtained by clicking on the following link.

Form 1

Officer List Form (Excel) or (PDF)

Committee List Form

Returns Form

Membership Information Form 1

Membership Information Form 2

Membership Information Form 3


Manuals and Regulations:

"Accepted and Approved at the Grand Conclave for approval."

Statutes and Regulations Rev. 2016

Drill Regulation and Manual of Asylum Ceremonies Rev. 2012

Helpful Files:

These are the documents and files that you the Sir Knight might find helpful.

Powerpoint of KT Opening(10 Megs) Save it, dont open it.

Affiliations, Demits & Reinstatements:

Petition for Affiliation by Certificate of Good Standing (PDF) (DOC)

Petition for a Certificate of Good Standing (PDF) (DOC)

Petition for Dual Affiliation (PDF) (DOC)

Petition for Demit (PDF) (DOC)

Certificate of Withdrawal from Dual Membership (PDF) (DOC)

Certificate of Good Standing (PDF) (DOC)

Demit Form (PDF) (DOC)

Petition for Reinstatement (PDF) (DOC)

Petition for Restoration (PDF) (DOC)

Endowment Membership Application (Form 15) (PDF) (DOC)

Commandery Maintenance:

Sample Grand Commandery By-Laws (PDF) (DOC)

Summons (PDF) (DOC)

Notice Non Pay Summons (PDF) (DOC)

Notice of Suspension NPD Lodge (PDF) (DOC)

Proxy Form for Grand Commandery (PDF) (DOC)

Traveling Certificate (PDF) (DOC)

Questions (PDF) (DOC)

Degrees and Awards:

Notice to Receive Orders (PDF) (DOC)

Petition for the Orders of Christian Knighthood (PDF) (DOC)

Courtesy Order Request (PDF) (DOC)

Knights Templar Cross of Honor Nomination (PDF) (DOC)

Installation Ritual :

Commandery Installation of Officers (PDF) (DOC)

Constituent Commandery Forms

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate (DOC)

Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Form (DOC)

Petition Form (PDF)

Excalibur Award Application (PDF) (DOC)

Cross & Crown Award Application (PDF)

Scholarship Form :

Texas Educational Foundation Scholarship form (PDF)