Past Commanders of the Asylum of the Commandery

Commander's Name Year
Arthur G. Orr2011
Jim C. Dodson2010
Gary W. Pearce2009
Gary W. Pearce2008
Charles W. Veal2007
Matthew K. Chapman2006
John S. Yates2005
Jerry O. Williams2004
Arthur G. Orr2003
Harry J. Dodson2002
Kurt H. Berryman Sr.2001
Arthur G. Orr2000
Charles W. Veal1999
Harry J. Dodson1998
Charles W. Veal1997
Forrest D. Jackson1996
Edward S. Carter Jr.1995
William P. Orr1994
Leonard W. Ramos1993
Edward E. Pate1992
James D. Whitaker1991
Louis T. Hamlett1990
George F. Schwartau1989
Warren S. Jackson1988
Warren S. Jackson1987
Catareno L. Lopez1986
Louis T. Hamlett1985
Alvin N. Dunn1984
James G. Watson1983
Charles K. Hubbard1982
Cecil V. Graves1981
Lazlo A. Kardos1980
Robert D. Huston1979
Ervin R. Bearden1978
William R. Crowley1977
James E. Smith1976
George F. Schwartau1975
John W. Anderson1974
Arthur G. Orr1973
Bill G. Gunter1972
Charles R. Harper1971
Estes E. Laseman1970
James D. Whitaker1969
Robert W. McCarty1968
James C. Jones1967
George W. Stracener1966
Hubert D. Byous1965
Albert L. Reed1964
Wilmer S. Petit1963
Elmo L. Traylor1962
Malcolm L. Hughes1961
Emitt G. Davis1960
Joe L. Beavers1959
H. Cecil James1958
Henry L. McQuade1957
Ivey Gonzalez1956
J. T. Scott1955
Oral D. Buck1954
Albert L. Fitts1953
Roy V. Slaughter1952
Henry W. Cleaver1951
Olin Hearn1950
J. Taylor George1949
R. A. Tanner1948
Perry C. McDonnell1947
Elmer L. Watkins1946
Richard L. Lindsey1945
Van Earl Cravens1944
Joh A. Glaab1943
Ernest H. Kettle1942
W. Guy Sinclair1941
Julian A. McFall1940
William J. Webb1939
Richard P. Sherwood1938
M. Marshall Ingham1937
Walter F. Worley1936
Albert Ellis1935
Leland M. Thayer1934
Byron Lee Bryans1933
John A. Elder1932
W. B. Guthrie1931
P. B. Cox1930
J. D. Bright1929
James D. Avis1928
M. M. Cook1927
Leslie R. Stringer1926
Robert E. Nolen1925
James R. Bachman1924
Otto Stehlick1923
W. W. Hammack1922
Charles R. Hartsuck1921
Alexander F. Kerr1920
E. V. Friberg1919
N. M. Clifford1918
C. W. Richolt1917
Frank Collier1916
Irwin H. Roberts1915
L. C. Hinckley1914
J. A. Richolt1913
Robert C. Smith1912


None have labored harder than our Past Commanders and the strength of our Commandery and this fraternity shows there efforts. We have listed all the Sir Knights that have served in the role of Past Commander, if you know of anyone who is missing please contact the recorder to have them add him to the system.