Southside Commandery No. 83

Southside Commandery No. 83 was set to work and given a charter by The Grand Commandery Knights Templar of Texas on April 22, 1922.

Southside Commandery No. 83 has been doing good works for the past years. Our officers of Southside Commandery No. 83 are working diligently to perform degrees and floor work. They could be the best in the state, come see us at our next meeting to see us work. We support many charities and works; from the Knights Templar Eye Foundation to the Knights Templar Holy Land Pilgrimage to Scholarships and much more.

Southside Commandery No. 83 has included numerous men of distinction. Why not add your name to the list!

Social Order of the Beauceant Assembly:
Southside Commandery No. 83 is a member of District No. 6. Our current membership size is currently at 159 members. If you have a question on how to get more members, or festivals, or talk to the membership committee of Grand Commandery, contact James Kirkpatrick or call him at 817-999-0435. if you have questions about your dues cards, or specific commandery roster, etc, contact your Recorder.

Contact Information
Eminent Commander:
Corey David Hale
Jason L. Lesikar PC
Work:817-738-2177 x13
Drill Instructor:
Rick Jernigan

More Detailed Information
Practice information: Drill Team information: Ritual Team information:
Every Thursday we meet for floor school. There is a dinner at 6:00 pm and at 7 begin our work. Southside is proud to announce the return of our D - Team. The Captain is Rick Jernigan. We meet each week, however due to everyones schedule the day and time are always changing. For information on the day and time please contact Jason Lesikar. Southside is continuing to host a Ritual Team. We are attempting to put a second team together.

Commandery Facts
No Community ActivitiesCommitteesNo Excalibur Awards
Past CommandersPast Grand CommandersRitual Competitions
Field Drill CompetitionsAwards of they AsylumNo Bylaws
No BylawsNo History





Our Location and Mailing Address
Physical Address:
7700 Crowley Rd
Fort Worth, TX 76134-4208

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 331971
Fort Worth, TX 76113-1971

Meeting Information
1st Thursday at 7:00 PM