Texas Masonic Charities

Charity is the most visible Masonic activity. Freemasons in North America alone give over two million dollars every day to those in need, Masons and non-Masons alike. This translates into about three-quarters of a billion dollars a year. Every bit of which is raised by the Masonic Fraternity and freely contributed on a voluntary basis to the many worthwhile charities it supports. Click on the burning bush to learn more about the charities of Freemasonry in Texas and how you can help.

Texas Masonic Retirement Center

The Grand York Rite Bodies of Texas are justly proud of their support and work that helps fund the Philanthropies of Freemasonry, most especially the Grand Royal Arch Masonic Retirement Center, the Knights Templar National Eye Foundation, and all the other programs, both nationally and locally, that they support and assist, financially, morally and continuously.

The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas recognized long ago that many of our Brethren desire to spend their golden years with friends in a peaceful and comfortable setting. The Texas Masonic Retirement Center was created to fill this need. It is owned and operated by The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas, which has been providing quality care to senior members of the Texas Fraternity since 1911. The Retirement Center is situated on a 100-acre tract of land in the heart of Arlington, Texas, and provides the best quality care possible along with ideal surroundings for our seniors and the widows of our deceased Masons.