As we travel throughout life and lodges we are asked questions or wish to speak with a Brother or Companion about the York Rite. Below you will find some helpful short talks about aspects of the order.

If you want to write one, please do and send it to us. A correction or comment for new talks we would appreciate your feedback.

Short Talk # 1 - Cryptic Masonry

Cryptic Masonry HUGH M'CURDY, OF MICHIGAN. The Voice of Masonry

Short Talk # 2 - Zabud

Zabud, the son of Nathan, as principal officers, and the King's friend

Short Talk # 3 - Adoniram

Adoniram, the son of Abda, was over the tribute." "And King Solomon raised a levy out of all Israel, and the levy was 30 thousand men . . . and Adoniram was over the levy