Grand Master

A tremendous loss for our masonry occurs when an companion releases his mortal coil and enters that house not made with hands. It is with great sadness that we issue the following report.
Grand Master William M. Osborne
Title: Grand Master
Year: 1925 - 1926
Home Council: Henderson No. 298
Birth Date: April 10, 1859
Death Date: February 8, 1940

(excerpt from the Report of the Committee on Necrology Grand Council Proceedings 1940)

Companion Doctor W. M. Osborne

We were saddened by the announcement of the death of Companion Doctor W. M. Osborne, Past Most Illustrious Grand Master of this Grand Council, which occurred February 8, 1940, at his home in Pinehill, Texas. Doctor Osborne had for many years been engaged in the practice of medicine and surgery, and the amount of good he accomplished in administering to the medicinal needs of his fellow man in his part of the State can hardly be estimated. Like many other noble men engaged in his profession, he responded generously to all calls made upon his time, his strength and his ability to care for and relieve the suffering and physical ailments of his fellow man. We fear, Companions, that we as a people do not always appreciate the valuable services of men, possessed of a sympathetic and conscientious disposition, who are engaged in the same profession as was Doctor Osborne, because upon their often weary shoulders rests the greatest individual responsibility of any known human endeavor. To their knowledge and ability are entrusted the physical welfare and often the very lives of those who may require their services.

Dr. Osborne was born in Alabama, April 10, 1859, and moved to Texas with his parents when one year of age, where he continued to reside the remainder of his life. He had been an active member of the Pinehill Baptist Church for sixty years and was a member of their official board. He was a leader in the civic affairs of his community and was interested in any program that had for its object the advancement of his community interests. As one of his neighbors and close friends said, “There is no end to the story of Companion Osborne’s useful life as it was one of personal sacrifices, and his passing is an irreparable loss to the community, and to us who loved him so dearly.”

Companion Osborne received the sublime degree of Master Mason in Sharon Lodge No. 95 in Pinehill, April 24, 1886, and was its Worshipful Master in 1893. He was exalted to the sublime degree of Royal Arch Mason in Carthage Chapter No. 28, and later demitted to affiliate with Henderson Chapter No. 361, and served as High Priest in 1917. He received the Council degrees in Carthage Chapter No. 28, the Council at that time being appendant to the Chapter. He was a charter member of Henderson Council No. 298 and was its Thrice Illustrious Master in 1917.

He was elected Most Illustrious Grand Master of this Grand Council in 1926, and served with honor and distinction during his term of office.