Grand Masters

Grand Master Clyde VanCleave May
Title: Grand Master
Year: 1975 - 1976
Home Council: Port Arthur No. 185

Born October 5, 1906, in Port Arthur, Texas. Graduated from Port Arthur Public Schools in 1922 and from Texas A.&M. College in 1926. Married Mable Elnora Sweger in Enid, Oklahoma, April 29, 1928. Three sons, John C. May, Robert W. May and Gerald D. May (deceased). One daughter, Mrs. A.E. Erickson, Jr.

Member of the United Methodist Temple, Port Arthur, Texas. Served on Administrative Board, 1973 to 1975. Part time teacher, Menís Bible Class, 1970 to date.

Worked as Gauger, Laboratory Tester, Chemical Engineer, Packaging and Shipping Supervisor and Operations Foreman in Petroleum Refineries in Enid and Duncan, Oklahoma and Port Arthur, Texas. Retired from Gulf Oil Corporationís Port Arthur Refinery, May 1, 1967.

Commissioned a Second Lieutenant, Infantry Reserve, in 1928. On active duty with Army during World War II in the U.S. and Manila, Philippines, from June 1941 to February 1946. Retired from Army Reserve as Lt. Colonel, November 1, 1966.

Past President of Port Arthur Chapter, Reserve Officerís Association; and Past President of Port Arthur Club of A.&M. Former Students.

Raised a Master Mason in Duncan Lodge No. 60, Duncan, Oklahoma, December 20, 1934. Demitted to Cosmopolitan Lodge No. 872, Port Arthur, 1949. Served as Master 1958-59. Served as District Deputy Grand Master, District No. 26A, 1965. Life Certificate in Esoteric Work, 1976.

Exalted in Port Arthur Chapter No. 250 on April 11, 1946. Served as High Priest in 1949-50. Treasurer since 1959. Anointed in Order of High Priesthood in 1949, and served as Grand High Priest of the Order in 1962. Served the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas as Grand High Priest of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas in 1969. Life Certificate in Esoteric Work, 1972.

Greeted in Port Arthur Council No. 185 on June 10, 1946. Served as Thrice Illustrious Master, 1949-50. Treasurer since 1959. Served the Grand Council of Texas as Grand Visitor of the 4th Cryptic District in 1952; as Grand Captain of the Guards in 1959, and is the Grand Representative of the Grand Council of Oregon near the Grand Council of Texas. Charter Member of the Order of Silver Trowel in Louisiana in 1951 and in Texas in 1952. Served as Thrice Illustrious Master of the Order in 1959. Elected Grand Principal Conductor of the Work in 1973, passed through the chairs, and was elected and installed as Most Illustrious Grand Master of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Texas, December 2, 1975, and served during the year 1976. Life Certificate in Esoteric Work in 1974.

Knighted in Port Arthur Commandery no. 73 in 1954. Served as Commander in 1963. Now Treasurer. Co-Chairman, Membership Committee, Grand Commandery. Awarded Knights Templar Cross of Honor, 1976.

Received the Scottish Rite Degrees in Columbus, Georgia, in 1944. Now a member of the Galveston Bodies. Was invested Knight Commander Court of Honor in November, 1975.

Member of El Mina Shrine Temple, Galveston.

Member of the Royal Order of Scotland; Red Cross of Constantine; York Rite College; Knights of the York Cross of Honour; and Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests, Preceptor, 1972; and member of the Order of Eastern Star.