Grand Masters

Grand Master Larry Gene Canada
Title: Grand Master
Year: 2009 - 2010
Home Council: Love Field Council No. 396

Companion Larry Gene Canada was born in Galveston, Texas on December 29, 1947 to Companion Roscoe Leonard Canada and Marjorie Helen (Keith) Canada. The family moved to Garland where Larry attended Williams Elementary and later to Dallas where he graduated from North Dallas High School. He has one daughter, Christina Michele Canada (Wolverton) who is married and resides in Austin, TX.

After graduating from Baylor University, Larry enlisted in the Texas National Guard and after 10 years transferred to the U.S. Army Reserve serving as an instructor of Non Commissioned Officer courses until retirement. He worked with the Cub and Boy Scouts, serving as instructor on Oak Leaf, Golden Acorn, Woodbadge and Adult Leader Training programs. During these years he worked toward and received his Masters degree from The University of Texas at Dallas.

Larry spent his career in finance and human resources at Inland-Ryerson Steel, GS Roofing, and GAF Roofing. While at GAF, he was elected to the board of directors of GAF Federal Credit Union until it was bought by Neighbors CU. He was an Instructor for the National Association of Credit Management and served as adjutant faculty for the Dallas County Community College.

Masonic History

Larry was initiated into Love Field Lodge No. 1274 while in college, but received his work courtesy of Waco Lodge No. 92, being Raised October 21, 1969. He is an Endowed Member and served as Worshipful Master of Love Field 1993-1994 and received the Golden Trowel February 2003.

When Grand Master Donny Broughton re-chartered Northern Star Lodge No. 377, Larry was a charter member and elected charter Treasurer. He served on four Grand Masterís Conference teams, three Grand Masterís Deputy Training teams and served as Grand Master Joe Regianís District Deputy Grand Master in 1997. In 1998 he was appointed Grand Rep to Utah by Grand Master Harry Cunningham.

From 1996 to 2006, he served the Grand Lodge on the Credentials Committee and since 2007, the Investment Committee. He serves as a Director on the Board of the Masonic Square and Compasses Holding Company.

Larry was Exalted in Love Field Chapter No. 478 February 6, 1993 and served as High Priest 1996 and elected Treasurer in 1997 until 2009. He is a plural member of R.C. Buckner Chapter No. 108 and is an Endowed member in both Chapters.

He has served the Grand Chapter as appointed Grand Officers, including Grand Master of the Third Veil 2001, Grand Orator 2003 and District Deputy Grand High Priest 2002 and elected the Grand Treasurer 2003-2006. He served as Chairman of the Investments Committee 1997-2002, Purposes and Policies Committee 2003, By-Laws Committee 2007 and Recognition, Honors and Awards Committee 2008. He was appointed Grand Rep to Nebraska in 2002 by Grand High Priest Billy Wayne Melton. He has served as State Coordinator for three Grand High Priests and Assistant Coordinator for two Grand High Priests. Larry received the Order of High Priesthood in 1995 and serves as Right Excellent Master of Ceremonies for 2009.

Larry was Greeted in Love Field Council No. 396, February 6, 1993, serving as TIM in 1995 and elected Treasurer in 1997 until 2009. He is a plural member of R.C. Buckner No. 67 and Endowed in both councils.

He served the Grand Council as Grand Marshal in 2007, Investment Committee 1997-1999, Finance Committee 2000-2001, Jurisprudence Committee 2003, Grand Treasurer 2003-2006, and appointed Grand Representative to Delaware in 2003. He has served as State Coordinator for four Grand Masters. Larry received the Order of the Silver Trowel in 1994 and the Super Excellent Masters Degree 1995.

Larry is a Life Member of the Royal Order of Scotland, Member of DeMolay Conclave of the Red Cross of Constantine, an Endowed member and Past Governor of Lyle Cross York Rite College No. 147, a plural and Endowed member of Texas York Rite College No. 14 and received the Order of the Purple Cross in 2003. He is a charter member of Goodnight Loving High Twelve Club No. 760.

Larry was Knighted into Alexander C. Garrett Commandery No.103 in 1994, served as Commander in 1999, received the Excalibur Award in 2003. He is also a plural member of Denton Commandery No. 45. He served the Grand Commandery as Chairman of Credentials 2000, Civic and Patriotic Committee 2001-present, Educational Scholarship Committee 2003-present and on the Board of the Educational Scholarship Committee as a Director 2008-present.

Larry received the Order of Knights Preceptor in 1999 and now serves as Sentinel. He is a member of Texas Priory No. 23 Knights York Cross of Honour and North Texas Priory No. 73. He is a Past Sovereign Master of Col. William B. Travis Council No. 344 Allied Masonic Degrees and now serves as Secretary. He received the Red Branch of Erie in 2005 and the Knight Commander of the Red Branch in 2008 in Washington D.C.

Larry served as Excellent Chief of the Rose of Sharon Council No. 49 Knight Masons of Ireland in 2007-2008. In 2004 he was invited to join Trinity Chapel No. 12 Commemorative Order of St. Thomas of Acon in Washington D.C. and is a Charter member and Past Worthy Master of Tejas Chapel No. 47.

Larry is an Endowed member in the Scottish Rite of Dallas and Waco Valleys. He served the Dallas Valley as Degree Master for the 19th and 24th Degrees, Membership Committee, Charter Member of the Knights of St. Andrews, Treasurer for all four bodies in 2003 and was Invested with the Knight Commander Cross of Honor in 2007. He serves on the Investment Committee for the Waco Valley.

Larry served as Monarch of Alla Grotto in 2006 and joined Hella Shrine in 1973 where he is an Endowed member in the Knights of Mecca and served as President of the North Dallas Shrine Club in 1999. He holds membership in the Texas Lodge of Research, Grand College of Rites and Coronado Quantor Lodge of Research. He is a member in perpetuity of the Audie L. Murphy Chapter No. 112 National Sojourners and the Goliad Camp of the Heroes of 76.

Larry has supported the Order of the Eastern Star by being an Endowed member in both Dallas Chapter No. 1 and Love Field Chapter No. 875 where he has served as Worthy Patron five times each and served as Vice President of the Past Matrons and Past Patrons Association of Dallas in 2000-2001.