A Companion to be considered for this award must be outstanding with some of the following attributes:
      1. One who has rendered great service to the Council, beyond the normal call of service and duty.
      2. One that does not expect the hope of fee or reward in any task he performs in service to the Council or members.
      3. One that promotes his Council and Cryptic Masonry at every opportunity.
      4. One who is present at the Stated and Called Assemblies without asking, or helps behind the scenes unnoticed.
      5. One who freely gives of his talents, time and efforts without asking to do so.
      6. One who might keep the Council room clean and neat or in order for the meetings of the Council.
      7. One who might keep the door open when others arrive or greet members or visitors as they arrive at the meetings.
      8. One who might see that the table for refreshment is set and ready for any occasion.
      9. One who sees that the Council room, kitchen and other areas are clean before and after the meetings.
      10. One who might see that a bulletin or newsletter is prepared for the Council or assists in the mailing of material to the members.
      11. One who looks after the building and grounds without asking.
      12. One who does not have to be asked for whatever task is needed by the Council.
      13. One who is the member of the Council that would sorely be missed when not at the meetings of the Council.

Cryptic Triangle Award

A worthy member of your Council to receive the Cryptic Triangle Award.

A Subordinate Council of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Texas may select a worthy member of their Council to receive the Cryptic Triangle Award.

Any member in good standing in the Council is eligible for consideration for this award and does include any present or past Elected Grand Officer for consideration.

The recipient may and should be informed of his selection for this award and the recipient and Council may plan in advance for the presentation.

The Thrice Illustrious Master of a Subordinate Council shall appoint a Committee to select and recommend a Worthy Companion to the Council for its consideration and vote. The selection shall be recorded in the minutes of the Council's Stated Assembly. A majority vote of the members present shall approve the selection. The selection together with the cost of the award shall be forwarded to the Grand Recorder who will prepare the Award and forward the Award to the Council for presentation. The date of the presentation must be forwarded to the Grand Recorder's office for the recording of that data on the form. A copy of the Cryptic Triangle Award will be forwarded to the Committee on Recognitions, Honors and Awards of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Master of Texas.

     To download a Nomination Form: Cryptic Triangle Award (Doc)