The follow is a list of Companions that have received the Royal Purple Service Award.

Paul E. WunscheNorth Houston No. 387
William L. BlanksSouthside No. 315
Gary H. FreedmanAmarillo No. 134
Leonard O. PierceSan Jacinto No. 347
Randy L. HardinBorger No. 354
Theodore W. (Ted) Armstrong, Jr.La Marque No. 406
Barry D. Brunk, Sr.Ennis No. 81
Kenneth D. HunterBurnet No. 368
E. Deacon WallKerrville No. 240
M. Gene TerrellHaggai No. 38
D. Doye SudduthGeorge M. Patrick No. 13
Johnny A. YoungBeeville No. 129
Ronald D. ParkDallas No. 18
Ted D. HennisAmarillo No. 134
A. R. ClaryRidglea No. 400
Mitchell Ray JonesDallas No. 18
Neal E. SkinnerRichmond No. 383
Robert L. Sieckmann, Jr.Huntsville No. 12
Cody ParsleySoutheast Texas No. 380
Onnie H. Weaver, Jr.Southeast Texas No. 380
B. J. YoungSouthside-Polytechnic No. 315
W.A. (Doc) Bilsing, IIZerubbabel No. 26
David G. RogersSeagoville No. 397
Leonard P. HarveyLove Field No. 396
E. E. Chapman, Sr.Port Neches No. 413
Fred E. McGilberryJerusalem No. 7
Eugene SchneiderSam J. Helm No. 363
Joseph Pat CollierPort Arthur No. 185
John D. RayDallas No. 18
William P. VaughnDad Pender No. 50
D. Oliver SuttonTexas No. 321
Thomas C. SnedecorPark Place No. 373
Robert E. BlackKeystone No. 112
William D. SnipesGalveston No. 16
Aaron B. CassityDallas No. 18
Gerald NowotnySan Antonio No. 14
Joe Bailey MotleyGarland No. 118
Wayne A. GallionSeguin No. 281
Gerald H. LongTarrant No. 349
Henry Drew AdairNorth Houston No. 387
C. Louis HopkinsHaggai No. 38
John E. AndrewsGeorge M. Patrick No. 13
Glenn O. SansomSam J. Helm No. 363
Riley C. WilliamsDallas No. 18
Coy McDougaldHugh J. McClellan No. 183
M. C. RoudolphZ. E. Coombes No. 352
Arthur A. StuplSan Jacinto No. 347
Jack E. BeelerPort Lavaca No. 275
A. E. Killion, Sr.Stamford No. 192
John M. BarksdaleKilgore No. 336
H. C. RobasonAbilene No. 100
John W. RiceDallas No. 18

Royal Purple Service Award

This award will be presented to not more than two (2) Companions in any one year. No present Elective or Appointive Grand Council Officer and no Past Elective Grand Officer is eligible for consideration for the Award.

No present Elective or Appointive Grand Chapter Officer, and no Past Elective Grand Chapter Officer is eligible for consideration for the award.

A Companion or group of Companions may submit a NAME on the appropriate form (available at Grand Recorder's office) with substantiating factual information accompanied by supporting letters and/or stories sufficient to determine worthy and deserving recipients. The nominee is not to be told, and the nomination shall remain secret until the award is made by the Grand Master. Nominations to be considered for the current year shall be mailed to the Grand Recorder no later than July 1st of that year. The Committee will screen the nominations and submit six (6) to the Grand Master from which the Grand Master may select one (1) or two (2) recipients. (If less than six (6) are submitted then all nominations will be submitted by the Committee.)

The Award may be presented to any Council Mason in good standing in a Council operating under the jurisdiction of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Texas.

Nominations will be considered for those Texas Council Masons who, without fanfare, have rendered yeoman service to the Craft in one or more of the following categories:

  • One who has given unselfishly of his time, effort, and/or finances for some years for the promotion and on-going of Capitular Masonry.
  • One who is always available to visit the sick.
  • One who is always available to counsel depressed and troubled Companions.
  • One who is always available to care for the welfare of distressed Companions and Widows.
  • One who is Mr. Mason, and has been for some time the cornerstone of Masonry in the area.
  • One who has made salient contribution to the civic community while holding high the banner of York Rite Masonry.
  • Mr. Dependable who is always there to open the door, see that the physical property is well maintained, and is in suitable array for the smooth operation of conferrals and activities of the Council.

     To download a Nomination Form: (PDF)   |   (Doc)