Council of Royal & Select Masters: Forms

All forms can be filled out and emailed to the Grand Secretary/Recorders office. They would prefer it to be emailed and you will get a faster response. All emails will be send a receipt when it is accepted by his office.

IMPORTANT: 2017 Chapter and Council Annual Returns

Affiliations, Demits & Reinstatements:

Petition for York Rite Bodies N/A
Petition for Affiliation by Certificate of Good Standing or Demit Form 8 N/A
Application for Withdrawal from Plural Membership Form 7A N/A
Certificate of Withdrawal from Plural Membership Form 7B
Application for Certificate of Good Standing Form 8A N/A
Certificate of Good Standing Form 18 N/A
Application for Demit Form 10 N/A
Demit Form 9 N/A
Petition for Reinstatement Form 11 N/A

Council Maintenance:

Special Summons Form SS N/A
Minimum Audit Form Form 22
IRS 990-N Form 990-N N/A
Proxy Form for Grand Council N/A
Officers Report Form
Code of By-Laws template
Order Forms Form N/A

Degrees and Awards:

Notice of Election To Candidate Form 8B N/A
Cryptic Triangle Award
Endowed Membership Application N/A
Royal Purple Service Award Nomination

Membership Maintenance:

Change of Address N/A
Membership Change Form
Membership Template for Membership Books N/A
Traveler's Certificate Form 13 N/A
Notice of Suspension Form 15

Non-Payment of Dues:

Non-Payment of Dues, First Notice Form 17
Non-Payment of Dues, Second Notice Form 17A
Non-Payment of Dues, Notice of Suspension Form 14
Non-Payment of Dues to Lodge, Notice of Suspension Form 23
Non-Payment of Dues, Notice to Former Members Form 23