Certificates of Proficiency in the esoteric work of The Grand Council of Royal & Select Masters of Texas are listed below by the name of the Certificate holder.

The most recently issued certificates are the First Year One Year Certificates, the One Year Certificate Renewals, the Two Year Certificate Renewals, and the Three Year Certificate Renewals. The list also includes the Two and Three Year Certificates due to expire in subsequent years as shown. (These Two and Three Year Certificates will be reviewed as they expire.)

The Certificates are no longer mailed to the individual Companions, but are mailed to the Council shown by their names in the listing below. If you have earned a Certificate and have not received it, please check with your Recorder.

The Committee on Work would appreciate your helping us to make sure that the information in this listing is correct. We are aware that some Companions may have moved their memberships or may be members of multiple Councils and prefer that their Certificate be sent to a different Council than that shown. Also, we try to identify all Companions who are no longer with us when we review the Certificates annually for renewal, but we may miss some. If you are aware of any errors in our listing, please notify the Secretary for the School, Barry Brunk, at or (972) 655-4081, so that we may make the correction.

If you know of someone in your Council who does not have a Certificate and should be considered for one, please advise any member of the Committee on Work and we will make arrangements to review the proficiency of that Companion.

Certificates of Proficiency



Acton, James A.Pasadena No. 3742015
Anderson, David L.Seagoville No. 3972012
Anthony, Maurice G.Houston No. 12014
Ball, Brian CraigLove Field No. 3962010
Barkley, B. B.Riverside No. 3842017
Beeler, Jack E.Port Lavaca No. 2752016
Bell, Alfred E.Midlothian No. 1482010
Bell, Billy RayGrand Prairie No. 4042003
Black, Ralph FentressDallas No. 181988
Brookshire, W. EugeneLufkin No. 1762010
Carr, W. EugeneTarrant No. 3492017
Cassity, Aaron BriscoeDallas No. 182017
Childress, Graham HughSam J. Helm No. 3632014
Collier, Robert DavisArlington No. 3142006
Collins, DouglasBrownsville No. 4142017
Cossey, Clarence L.Austin No. 22002
Cox, Raymond RayHurst No. 4072001
Estlack, Joe O.Cooper No. 622016
Fallas, DavidHouston No. 12005
Faulkner, Leonard Adolph, Jr.Sherman No. 432008
Fisher, Kenneth B.Park Place No. 3731999
Foreman, Robert A. Jr.San Jacinto No. 3472013
Garza, Jesus A.San Antonio No. 142004
Hagood, Melvin ThomasTexas No. 3212014
Hargrave, Richard L. IIINorth Houston No. 3872006
Harrison, Reese L., Jr.San Antonio No. 141997
Hash, Henry B.Texas No. 3212016
Henley, Jimmy M.Tarrant No. 3492007
Huse, Billy W.Love Field No. 3961998
Jeter, John Henry "Jack" Jr.Riverside No. 3841994
Johnson, Frederick G.Pasadena No. 3741988
Kirby, Jerry NelsonMidlothian No. 1481995
Krayer, Karl JamesJohn C. Callahan No. 4082011
Laney, Clarence JoyLove Field No. 3962017
Machts, Alfred E., Jr.Helotes No. 3622011
McFarland, H. M.George M. Patrick No. 131990
McNutt, Ernest PaulColumbia No. 291986
Melot, George B.Lubbock No. 1832016
Mitchell, Frank DouglasHurst No. 4072007
Modesitt, Charles W.Fort Worth No. 422006
Myer, Mark D.Port Neches No. 4132008
Neal, Douglas ERiverside No. 3842016
Nowotny, Gerald F.San Antonio No. 141998
O'Neal, J.W.Grand Prairie No. 4042004
O'Neill, Orville L.Love Field No. 3962013
Orona, Joe, Sr.Tarrant No. 3492011
Parker, Gerald E.Ridglea No. 4002007
Parsley, CodySoutheast Texas No. 3801986
Pynes, Lindsey LB. T. Estes No. 1982005
Reid, E. D. "Mac"Pasadena No. 3742004
Rogers, David G.Seagoville No. 3972007
Secor, Dale D.Pasadena No. 3741997
Shaenfield, SidneyArmy No. 4112012
Shelton, Joseph W.Tarrant No. 3492010
Shively, Michael H.North Houston No. 3872010
Smith, James P.George M. Patrick No. 132006
Snedecor, Thomas C.Park Place No. 3732005
Toney, E. DixonHillsboro No. 942008
Towson, Timothy F. E.Mabank No. 3552011
Turner, Thomas N. Sr.Burnet No. 3682012
Wall, Eugene D. "Deacon"Alvord No. 1312001
Warren, Billy J.Lubbock No. 1831989
Watkins, GregoryAustin No. 22001
Weaver, Onnie H.Southeast Texas No. 3802014
Welch, R. GlennAustin No. 21996
Werchan, WilmerGrand Prairie No. 4042005
Willard, James D.North Houston No. 3872016
Windle, Danny WayneRiverside No. 3842004
Wolfe, Charles StevenTexas No. 3212015



Adams, GaryZerubbabel No. 262018
Bilsing, William A. IIIZerubbabel No. 262018
Burroughs, Guy S. IIIJerusalem No. 72018
Cohen, MichaelZerubbabel No. 262018
Fleischer, TimTemple No. 1372018
Frost, MicahSouthside No. 3152018
Gaskill, Donald W.Helotes No. 3622018
Hamilton, BillyTexas No. 3212018
Howard, Clinton G.Southeast Texas No. 3802018
Huckabee,JoshTemple No. 1372018
Hughes, EdZerubbabel No. 262018
Jagush, GabrielTexas No. 3212018
Little, ChrisPark Place No. 3732018
Miller, JeffreyDallas No. 182018
Morris, RandallEast Texas No. 3662018
Mosmeyer, Gary V.Brenham No. 222018
Nash, WilliamTexas No. 3212018
Payton, Don PaulSpringtown No. 472018
Schlaudroff. Richard E.Grand Prairie No. 4042018
Stanislaw, CaseyTemple No. 1372018
Tidwell, MarkLufkin No. 1762018
Wilbourn, KevinTemple No. 1372018
Zepp, FrankTemple No. 1372018



Arnold, StevePort Neches No. 4132018
Baldridge, Edgar E.Keystone No. 1122018
Belsher, Robert HenryEnnis No. 812018
Bennett, Jeffrey ScottArlington No. 3142018
Bilsing, Wm. A.Teague No. 2562018
Bindel, DavidJohn C. Callahan No. 4082018
Black, Robert E.Keystone No. 1122018
Boyd, William Halley "Bill"Helotes No. 3622018
Browning, Terry C.Keystone No. 1122018
Bushong, KennethMount Horeb No. 412018
Cagley, Robert L.Arlington No. 3142018
Campbell, Charles E.Florence No. 2082018
Carnes, Thomas Eugene "Gene"Kerrville No. 2402018
Cast, MattDallas No. 182018
Clampitte, J. WeldonHouston No. 12018
Clark, AnthonyAustin No. 22018
Clark, James R.Greenville No. 682018
Clark, MarkGarland No. 1182018
Conner, RufusSoutheast Texas No. 3802018
Corbett, G. GayleSan Jacinto No. 3472018
Cox, RickyFort Worth No. 422018
Craft, Walter M.Carthage No. 252018
Criss, Carl KeithMount Horeb No. 412018
Crysup, James T.Austin No. 22018
Davidson, Jack D.Stephenville No. 852018
Dixon, Gary D.East Texas No. 3662018
Doss, Richard D.Quanah No. 3672018
Dyess, Eric D.Keystone No. 1122018
Fester, James A.Texas No. 3212018
Flippo, Terry LeroyBorger No. 3542018
Franklin, Thomas K.Keystone No. 1122018
Freedman, GaryAmarillo No. 1342018
Gallion, Wayne A.Seguin No. 2812018
Garrison, Carl H.Whitesboro No. 3132018
Gilmore, ChadSeagoville No. 3972018
Goff, Glyn H.Seguin No. 2812018
Gutierrez, CandidoSam J. Helm No. 3632018
Hackney, Kenneth Wayne, Jr.Ennis No. 812018
Hale, Corey D.Southside No. 3152018
Hardin, RandyBorger No. 3542018
Haston, ZacharyArlington No. 3142018
Havis, DouglasDallas No. 182018
Hayes, SydneyFlorence No. 2082018
Henderson, HobieSpringtown No. 472018
Henderson, JoeGarland No. 1182018
Hentshel, Embress (Andy)Helotes No. 3622018
Hobbs, Sherman W.Alvord No. 1312018
Honea, Homer LavonneSam J. Helm No. 3632018
Horejsi, Gary W.Army No. 4112018
Howell, BillyFort Worth No. 422018
Huckabay, JimmyBlue Bonnet No. 4092018
Hughes, Doc Edgar IIIHouston No. 12018
Izatt, RichardAmarillo No. 1342018
Jacobsen, Roger A.Haggai No. 382018
Jones, Jerrel BoydHaggai No. 382018
Kerr, Johnnie BurchHelotes No. 3622018
Kinney, RonaldLubbock No. 1832018
Kirk, Robert GeneGrand Prairie No. 4042018
Knott, EdTexas No. 3212018
La Grone, TerryAustin No. 22018
Laughlin, Donald L.Arlington No. 3142018
Lester, Jack WebsterW. T. Austin No. 522018
Lusk, ThomasLubbock No. 1832018
Mabry, Alvis L.Lloyd L. Gibson No. 3942018
Marble, MaxMount Horeb No. 412018
Mather, DavidPark Place No. 3732018
Matthews, Jackie WayneSam J. Helm No. 3632018
McCandless, Aubrey GlenBig Country No. 1922018
McMillan, James D.Southeast Texas No. 3802018
Mize, Charles LeeGreenville No. 682018
Morgan, Leonard H. "Herb"Keystone No. 1122018
Nevill, Hardy L.Zerubbabel No. 262018
Nickels, BradleyStephenville No. 852018
Oglesby, J. R.Columbia No. 292018
Oney, Karl Wayne, Sr.Longview No. 1162018
Oughton, TomBurnet No. 3682018
Parrish, James GaryKeystone No. 1122018
Pena, Benito (Ben)Cooper No. 622018
Perkins, RobertBlue Bonnet No. 4092018
Phillips, DwightHouston No. 12018
Piland, JohnTexas No. 3212018
Pinkerton, Paul E.Arlington No. 3142018
Pledger, James MichaelGeorge M. Patrick No. 132018
Pool, Joe VaughnEnnis No. 812018
Prell, William C.Pasadena No. 3742018
Purifoy, Billy F.Seagoville No. 3972018
Rankin, SteveLove Field No. 3962018
Reid, Samuel C.Texas No. 3212018
Rodriguez, JamesSan Antonio No. 142018
Rodriguez, Robert Y.Southside No. 3152018
Rogerson, James AubreyArlington No. 3142018
Royall, Ralph WymanNorth Houston No. 3872018
Rumsey, Jimmy R.Love Field No. 3962018
Ruth, Jimmy DonKeystone No. 1122018
Sadberry, Otis Earl, Jr.Stephenville No. 852018
Schriever, Joe FrederickAustin No. 22018
Seets, Charles E.Riverside No. 3842018
Sherman, William H.Park Place No. 3732018
Short, John MarshalNorth Houston No. 3872018
Smith, Charles EdwardRidglea No. 4002018
Smith, Francis Edwin Jr. "Skip"Hillsboro No. 942018
Smith, Lindel W.Southeast Texas No. 3802018
Smith, Mack ArthurSoutheast Texas No. 3802018
Snyder, Thomas W.Love Field No. 3962018
Spencer, JosephArlington No. 3142018
Taylor, JerryFort Worth No. 422018
Treat, John L.Keystone No. 1122018
Vanderford, Dillon E. Jr.Brownsville No. 4142018
Viner, WilliamSeguin No. 2812018
Vinson, RayHaggai No. 382018
Wallace, Richard FosterHelotes No. 3622018
Welch, Joseph M., Jr.Blue Bonnet No. 4092018
Welch, Michael W.Carthage No. 252018
West, OwenW. T. Austin No. 522018
Williams, E. E. "Buster"Llano No. 1352018
Williams, James Christie, IVHelotes No. 3622018
Williams, Ronald W. "Ronnie"Keystone No. 1122018
Winch, JustinDad Pender No. 502018
Winger, Thomas C.Beaumont No. 1262018
Winkler, John PaulHelotes No. 3622018
Wiser, Irvin "Buddy"Beaumont No. 1262018
Wright, Jeffrey L.Cleveland No. 4052018
Wunsche, Carl W.North Houston No. 3872018
Young, Buford JohnSouthside No. 3152018
Young, Johnny A.Beeville No. 1292018



Baskin, DavidJohn C. Callahan No. 4082018
Brown, Edward M.Waco No. 332018
Dunn, Nelson H.Blue Bonnet No. 4092018
Griffin, S. KennethTexas No. 3212018
Hass, Marvin ConradHouston No. 12018
James, Jimmy J.San Jacinto No. 3472018
Lewark, BenRidglea No. 4002018
Lewis, RexR.C. Buckner No. 672018
Morvent, WayneBeaumont No. 1262018
Orona, Joe, Jr.Tarrant No. 3492018


Curry, Cecil Ray llEnnis No. 812019
Honderd, William LeeHelotes No. 3622019
Peebles, EdwardPark Place No. 3732019
Stevens, Clint DwayneNorth Houston No. 3872019
Tuttle, John A.Rio Vista No. 2052019
Zoltowski, TimHaggai No. 382019


Buckner, DavidRidglea No. 4002018
Hall, Floyd EdwardArlington No. 3142018
Harper, Jack Magee IIHillsboro No. 942018
Iker, Bill G.Dallas No. 182018
Moore, H. DavidHaggai No. 382018
Pingle, JerryBig Country No. 1922018
Silva, Elias Jr.Lloyd L. Gibson No. 3942018
Sutton, James RobertHaggai No. 382018


Addy, NealTexas No. 3212019
Armistead, JohnBig Country No. 1922019
Barton, Jim EdwardGoose Creek No. 3392019
Brunk, Robert C.Ennis No. 812019
Kirkpatrick, James DaleArlington No. 3142019
Manley, James D.Ridglea No. 4002019
Schwartau, George F.Wichita Falls No. 1402019
Summersgill, Paul RichardKeystone No. 1122019
Wunsche, Paul E.North Houston No. 3872019


Basabe, Jorge E.Haggai No. 382020
Blair, Charley A.Tarrant No. 3492020
Brunk, Barry D., Sr.Ennis No. 812020
Chapman, Tommy ChancePort Neches No. 4132020
Chapman, Tommy FrankPort Neches No. 4132020
Collier, Joseph Patterson, Jr.Port Neches No. 4132020
Fehrenbach, Nikolaus K. L.Dallas No. 182020
Foster, David E.Southeast Texas No. 3802020
Jones, Merle Wayne "Wally"Hurst No. 4072020
Kuhlmann, Michael J.Brownsville No. 4142020
Lane, Charles R.Alpha No. 1782020
Mabry, John E.Florence No. 2082020
Melear, W. DavidAmarillo No. 1342020
Nodwell, Lee E.Haggai No. 382020
Peebles, JackPark Place No. 3732020
Reeves, Robert J.Lloyd L. Gibson No. 3942020
Smith, Dale MelvinSouthside No. 3152020
Whitfield, Herschel LarrySouthside No. 3152020